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Career studies

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E-learning platform

Career Studies was developed by Sondela Academy and offers an electronic platform which provides a wider reach and training scope to learners on-line. It is a high quality training solution in the training and learning sector that is based on our practically developed integrated model.

Features of the System

  • Where learners can store their Portfolios of Evidence
  • Where assessments can be completed and marked on line
  • Where course leaders can follow the learners’ progress
  • Where a messaging function is available to communicate with learners and ETD staff
  • Where evidence of moderation and verification activities can be stored


  • It supports paperless training
  • It offers a reporting function
  • Once learners have been orientated and trained to utilise it, they find it easy to use it

Our Uniqueness

Career Studies is not an IT product but provides a Training Solution Service which evolved from the need to use IT as the platform to resolve identified training constraints. As this platform has been developed by trainers with IT backgrounds, the needs of trainers have all been incorporated in the system.

Career Studies has been put to the test by our BETA site, Sondela Academy, where all learners have been successfully using the system with ease on a daily basis since 2012, operating within the parameters that have been set for the platform.

The system has been used to upload ETD courses and re-accreditation based on the platform has been finalised by ETDP SETA and accepted by ETDP SETA.

Our team of IT and training orientated personnel is dedicated to providing you the best service delivery.