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    The lodge/hotel/resort strives to operate in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, which requires us to inform you in clear language of the terms and conditions relating to your stay at the resort.

    The lodge/hotel/resort provides comfortable and relaxing suites/rooms/self-catering-chalets and facilities and we aim to satisfy all our guests’ reasonable requirements. We are not responsible for any liability, loss or damage arising out of the use of our facilities by our guests except where such loss or damage is caused by the gross negligence or wilful misconduct of the lodge and its employees. Accordingly, guests indemnify the resort and its employees and holds them harmless in the above circumstances. Remember that the consumption of alcohol before or during any participation in our activities is dangerous and is not permitted. Guests and visitors are prohibited from consuming liquor on the premises that has not been purchased from the resort. 

    If you are visiting one of our bush resorts, it is very likely that you will encounter dangerous game. Please do not approach any wild animals and always follow the rules and regulations of the resort. Should you require clarity of these rules and regulations, please consult the rooms directory or feel free to contact the resorts reception.   

    I confirm that I shall be liable for payment of all expenditure incurred on my account should the Party responsible for the payment not pay all the expenditure incurred by me. I hereby renounce the Benefits of excussion and division, meaning whereof I declare myself to be fully acquainted.

    Parking is entirely at the owner’s risk although all necessary safety precautions will be taken to safeguard guests’ vehicles. At certain lodges/hotel/resort parking is charged for and will be required to be settled prior to departure.  

    Please note that in terms of the Tobacco Control Act smoking may only take place in a designated smoking area. Responsibility for advising all persons in the party of these requirements vests with the person who signs the registration form. 

    Please note that overcrowding is not permitted (children & infants included) and it is the your responsibility to pre-confirm with the lodge/hotel/resort the room configuration and guest allocation per room. The lodge/hotel/resort accepts no liability should additional accommodation, if available, need to be booked upon registration due to incorrect room configuration/guest quota made on reservation.

    Every now and then we would like to send you information that promotes those of our products and services that are relevant to you. Ticking the box below tells us you are ok with this. You can of course ask us not to send these communications at any time. By completing this form, you supply us with personal information and by so doing you give us consent to process such information. This processing will be done in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act, other similar legislation and our privacy policy which can be found at

    The lodge/hotel/resort has put in place regulation to limit the spread of COVID19, these are legal requirements and as a patron of the lodge/hotel/resort you acknowledge that you and your guest will comply with these regulations. Should you not comply with these regulations the lodge/hotel/resort reserves the right to remove you from the lodge/hotel/resort without compensation. For more detail on the resorts COVID19 procedures please feel free to contact the lodge/hotel/resort reception desk 

    By ticking the above box, I acknowledge that I accept all above terms and conditions, in addition to confirming that all information provided is accurate and truthful to the best of my knowledge.