7 things to do in Citrusdal

News / 7 July 2016

7 Things to do in Citrusdal

As winter begins to move into its final stretch we would like to tell you a few things that you can do at our amazing Piekenierskloof Mountain Resort, in Citrusdal

Here are our 7 things to do in Citrusdal


dinner with a view
1.Boschkloof MTB Trail

For an outstanding Mountain Bike Trail, get to Citrusdal and try the Boschkloof MTB trail. This 26 kilometre trail is suitable for riders of all levels yet presents enough of a challenge for the more experienced rider.

dinner with a view

2. Cederberg 100 Trail

One of the newest in the Cederberg Heritage Route's collection of slackpack trails, you might have to walk almost 100 km in the space of a week, but you won't have to carry too much, prepare any meals, put up any tents or do any dishes. And if it gets too difficult, you can always opt to join the donkey cart that transports the bags on any given day

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3 . Citrusdal Museum

The Citrusdal Museum is housed in a former old stone church. Here you will discover more about the first colonists and San inhabitants in the area. The fascinating tools and utensils used by the Khoisan are incredible, it’s hard to imagine how these items were crafted and used so effectively.


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4 . Citrusdal Organic Market

Being a farming community, Citrusdal is definitely not short of fresh produce and other tantalising goodies, offering visitors and locals some top notch nosh spots at this country market. Expect to find organic vegetables; homebakes; preserves and fresh proteas on sale, along with legendary fresh bread; sausages; cheese and homemade yoghurt. Quench your thirst with smoothies, ginger beer and real lemonade.


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5 . Doring River White Water Rafting

Doring River offers white water rafting adventures from mid-June to September, on the river that winds through the Cederberg. Arrive the night before rafting and awake after the warm hospitality of a fireside meal, to an adventure you’ll never forget!


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6 . Hebron Restaurant & Farmstall

Featured in the Greenwood Guide’s ‘Side Dishes’ of the West Coast, the restaurant is open to the public Tuesday - Saturday, 9am to 5pm and also caters to guests and locals should they require Sunday lunches or dinners.


dinner with a view

7 . Horse Riding at Mount Ceder

Day horse-rides - Go explore a beautiful valley, see bushman paintings, visit an old farmhouse ruin and have a swim at the waterfall or river when the weather is hot. Day-rides include snacks and drinks.



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