Former SA Tourism CEO leads consortium in acquiring an equity stake in Dream Hotels & Resorts

JOHANNESBURG, 17 January 2022 – Former SA Tourism CEO, Sisa Ntshona, has partnered with Dream Hotels & Resorts (DHR) and is in the process of securing an equity stake in the company via Makhanyakude Holdings, a hospitality management operations consortium.

“As a key player in steering the tourism industry through the devastation caused by Covid-19, we are honoured to have Sisa directly connected to our brand,” says Nick Dickson, CEO of DHR.

“We value his expertise and view our collaboration as a strategic step towards unlocking opportunities across South Africa’s tourism and hospitality value chain, not just for us as a business, but for the greater community within the sector.”

Along with Ntshona, the team at Makhanyakude Holdings consists of well-respected industry leaders boasting an unrivalled depth of experience. At the core of this broad-based shareholding is an inclusive network of female entrepreneurs, young changemakers, and tourism SMEs.

“Whilst many have abandoned the tourism sector, we fundamentally believe in its recovery and future prospects,” says Ntshona. “By working closely with Dream Hotels & Resorts, a proudly South African company sharing our core values around growth, inclusivity, and transformation, we can bring about some real change.”

Over the years, DHR has built a favourable reputation due to their continued efforts around sustainability and community upliftment. With an expanding portfolio of 21 properties, many of their lodges, hotels, and resorts are located within the most remote corners of the country.

“We have a particular interest in partnering with public and private sector tourism players to unlock the full potential of South Africa’s rich tourism,” explains Ntshona.

He believes their alliance is poised to create the right framework in order to drive meaningful investments guaranteed to restore and re-activate the tourism sector.

“What we’ve learnt during the Covid crisis is the value of working together and supporting each other. Everything that happens is a chance to move forward, but most of all, to actively create opportunities instead of waiting for them,” he concludes.

After taking a three month ‘cooling down’ period from his former role at SA Tourism, Ntshona was officially appointed as part of the executive team at DHR as of 1 September 2021.