by Nick Dickson, Chief Executive Officer

We have come a long way in our collective mission to co-create a brighter future

We all have the power to create our own future. The actions we take and the plans we make can influence the outcomes. This is something we have learnt and will keep relearning at Dream Hotels & Resorts as we continue our journey to becoming a purposeful and sustainable business.

Four years on from the start of COVID, here we are. Looking back, we have certainly come a long way in our collective mission to co-create a brighter future. Although we are living through uncertain times, believe it or not, the world will not end tomorrow. And until that time does arrive, we will abide by our commitment to doing what is right and what is necessary to make things better.

We are delighted to have completed the first volume of our Dream Diaries series. It consists of several feel-good community stories spotlighting our remarkable people and various social responsibility initiatives. Each chapter was proudly published in an anthology ‘coffee table book’, with copies soon to be distributed across our portfolio of mixeduse properties.

The printed format of our first-ever published book is an achievement we are extremely proud of, and one that embodies the legacy of hope and optimism we want to leave behind. It further represents how our dreams for the future can indeed be realised if we come together under a common objective and are willing to put in the work.

As we now know, human stories don’t end after one chapter and the book has closed. So, in moving forward with the project, we are pleased to present our second volume which is contained herein. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller, a tourism professional, or simply curious, this next book invites you to be a part of our ongoing journey, which is far from over. Each chapter laid out ahead promises not only to inform, and delight but to inspire action and foster a deeper understanding of our collective role in shaping our future.

We have completed the first volume of our Dream Diaries series spolighting remarkable people and initiatives.

We are incredibly proud of our published book that embodies the legacy of hope and optimism we want to leave behind.

A strong theme throughout this next book is the importance of collaboration, with an emphasis on community upliftment. In our efforts to create opportunities for brighter futures, we also wanted to highlight the importance of cohesive partnering with external projects and businesses.

At Dream Hotels & Resorts, we are actively reimagining our future together. This not only means those within our organisation, but also entities outside of our company walls. Looking ahead, we are heavily focusing on nurturing stronger relationships with local government, NPOs and exceptional businesses working to provide further development opportunities. This can be seen within our first chapter based on The Blue Marlin located in the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast town of Scottburgh. As one of the oldest properties in our portfolio, this hotel has faced countless challenges yet everything that has been accomplished within the surrounding community epitomises the value of working together. The Blue Marlin is embarking on an exciting new chapter in its longstanding legacy and one that we are proud to be shaping and sharing alongside its leadership team.

The Blue Marlin is embarking on an exciting new chapter in its long-standing legacy.

Upcoming chapters in this volume further highlight unified examples of our industry coming together instead of working alone in isolation. Like the Think Tank and Gala Dinner on the 12th of July 2024 and our support for Lilly Loompa in the SATSA incubator project, show despite uncertainty in the country, this is our chance to exercise our commitment to collaboration and potentially define a new era in tourism and hospitality.

Ross Forssman, General Manager of Mjejane Bush Camp planting a tree.

The future of tourism in South Africa, Africa, and the world, holds immense promise for driving economic growth, cultural exchange, and conserving our natural resources. By embracing sustainable practices, fostering collaboration, and investing in education and training, we can play a direct hand in creating a brighter future for generations to come.

Our time to shine is now, and the opportunities are boundless in creating the type of future we want our children and their children to be a part of. Thank you for joining us and supporting our efforts with publishing our Dream Diaries volumes. May the insights gained from this next book propel us all towards a more responsible future in tourism.

Mjejane Bush Camp sets the benchmark for the Dream Hotels and Resorts Group’s environmental journey.