the catch of the south coast

News / 23 June 2021

The catch of the South Coast: The Blue Marlin Hotel goes all-inclusive

KwaZulu-Natal’s sunny South Coast is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the country. However, up until now, super-saver package deals may have been in short supply. Luckily for sun-seekers who are in search of a bargain, our ever popular Blue Marlin Hotel has stepped up as the South Coast’s number one choice for an all-inclusive resort.

Perhaps you’re in the area for the annual Sardine Run? The 2021 catch looks big! Or you’re planning another visit later in the winter to catch some Durban sunshine?

Ensure you get the catch of the day by opting for the best value holiday around.

Why choose all-inclusive holidays?

When you have a strict budget to stick to, all-inclusive holidays can make it so much easier to keep a finger on the pulse of your spending. With all-inclusive packages, there is no need to stress about sorting out meals in between your various activities and hours spent soaking up the sunshine on the beach. Instead, you can relax, put your feet up, and truly live in the moment knowing that all of the essentials are paid for and 100% taken care of.

Another notable benefit of an all-inclusive holiday is the fact that these package deals save you heaps of time. You won’t have to sit for hours researching nearby restaurants, comparing menus and prices, or making doubly sure that affordable grocery stores and liquor stores are in close proximity to your chosen accommodation.

Ultimately, all-inclusive holidays bring travellers peace of mind by reducing stress and saving them both time and money. The end result is a more laid-back getaway, and the promise that they will return home feeling entirely refreshed and rejuvenated.

Why visit the South Coast?

Think golden sand beaches, the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, and a South African holiday atmosphere like no other all year round. There are so many reasons why holidaymakers flock to the South Coast whenever they get the opportunity. After all, the options for creating lasting memories are endless for all types of travellers – whether you are visiting the region on a solo travel adventure, a romantic vacation for two, or bringing the whole family along for the ride.

Here are a few favourites places and experiences that really stand out:

Scottburgh Beach

You will undoubtedly spend the majority of your days at the South Coast making the most of the incredible weather by lounging around on Scottburgh Beach. When it’s time to cool off, you can feel confident taking a dip in the ocean and splashing around in the waves thanks to sturdy shark nets and a number of lifeguards keeping a watchful eye on the surf. If you’re keen to try your hand at some of the popular water activities, you’ll have your pick between canoeing, surfing, abseiling, orbing, and more. And of course, if you’re visiting currently, you can enjoy the fun of the annual Sardine Run! Check out what’s happening live here.

Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve

Get some exercise in with a brisk hike through the lush coastal forest terrain in the Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve. Select from a diverse variety of trails, all of which take between 1 – 6 hours to complete, and keep your eyes peeled for bushbuck, impala, rock rabbits, martial eagles, and pygmy kingfishers, to name just a few of the reserve’s resident creatures.

Crocworld Conservation Centre

Stroll through the perfectly manicured gardens of the Crocworld Conservation Centre as you explore the contents of the many enclosures. Watch the crocodiles being fed or check out a snake demonstration before sitting down to a delicious meal at the onsite Fish Eagle Café. A stop at the animal farm is also a must if you’re visiting the South Coast with younger children in tow. The little ones will love interacting with the rabbits, tortoises, goats, and guinea pigs.

Basset Breweries

Nothing goes better with sun, sea, and sand than an ice-cold beer. If you have a penchant for craft beer, then Basset Breweries is sure to be a memorable addition to your holiday itinerary, especially following a long day on the beach. Located in picturesque Pennington, this brewery specialises in craft beer designed for drinkability specifically in hot South African conditions.

The Aliwal Shoal

There are few diving sites in South Africa or otherwise that will provide as enthralling an experience as the Aliwal Shoal on the South Coast. It is essentially a rocky reef located just a few kilometres off of the coast and is awash with mesmerising marine life and many other interesting finds, including two shipwrecks – ‘Produce’ and ‘Nebo’. Divers might be lucky enough to spot ragged-tooth sharks, dolphins, manta rays, eels, stingrays, and turtles during their dives.

Feeling inspired to plan a visit to KZN’s stunning South Coast? Be sure to get the biggest bang for your buck by opting to take the all-inclusive holiday route and staying at the Blue Marlin Hotel. You’ll be so very glad that you did.



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