Holidays in Mpumalanga offer some of the most picturesque scenery in South Africa. There’s no wonder why travellers from far and wide can’t get enough of where to go in Mpumalanga.

Why you’ll love holidays in Mpumalanga

You can’t go wrong with holidays in Mpumalanga when it’s breath-taking scenery you’re after. Here, in the ‘Place where the Sun Rises,’ you’ll be treated to diverse views of rolling grasslands, towering mountain peaks and plummeting escarpments, as well as the lush greenery of the Lowveld. Thanks to its wealth of natural beauty, most visitors flock to Mpumalanga for memorable adventures in the great outdoors, taking part in a host of outdoor pursuits, from rock climbing and birdwatching to hiking and fishing. You’re also bound to see your fair share of wildlife, whether or not you intend to explore the Kruger National Park. Most who drive along the famed Panorama Route, for instance, will be lucky enough to catch sight of curious baboons, beautiful bucks, and an abundance of birds along the way.

Where to go in

Can’t decide where to go in Mpumalanga first? Holidays in Mpumalanga offer rich African culture, lovely towns, historic sights and natural attractions aplenty. Take advantage of the opportunity to discover more about this cultural heartland by engaging with the friendly Ndebele inside their colourful, welcoming villages. Drive through Mpumalanga and you can stop in the towns of Kraanspoort, eMalahleni, Ogies, Middelburg, Stoffberg, and Loskop Dam. Lydenburg is another lovely town to add to your itinerary when embarking on holidays in Mpumalanga. The quaint little town is home to the Lydenburg Museum, which provides fascinating insights into the local Pedi culture, and the Long Tom Toboggan that winds and whooshes along its 1.7 km track with stunning views of the Panorama Route.

What to do

The Blyde River Canyon is arguably the most popular attraction in Mpumalanga. Journey along the Panorama Route and you’ll be wowed at the jaw dropping views of the world’s third largest canyon, stretching some 26km across the earth. You’ll also find God’s Window here, a viewpoint that offers a breath-taking view of the Canyon’s sprawling Lowveld, and Bourke’s Luck Potholes – a rather quirky lot of rock formations brought about as a result of water erosion. Be sure to get a closer look by strolling along the site’s walkways and series of metal bridges. Of course, holidays in Mpumalanga wouldn’t be complete without a few adventures and encounters with the Big 5 inside the world-famous Kruger National Park, one of the largest game reserves in Africa.

What to Know

As the locals will be quick to point out, there’s quite a big difference between the climate in the Lowveld and Highveld regions of Mpumalanga. The Lowveld boasts a milder, subtropical climate, while the Highveld experiences hot, humid summers and chilly winters. You’ll definitely want to plan your visit during the spring in September and October, arguably the best time to visit if game viewing is on the agenda. The weather is also fantastic during autumn (March – May), with minimal rain and wind. From a transport perspective, the province has generally well-maintained roads and a variety of railway connections. However, it’s still a good idea to consider renting a car. Be sure to make it a sturdy one for long, scenic drives through the bumpy bushveld!


Rest, relaxation, and being surrounded by nature – that’s what holidays in Mpumalanga are all about! The great news is that almost all accommodation in Mpumalanga seeks to provide guests with just that sort of experience.

You’ll have your pick of cosy self-catering bush lodges and luxurious campsites, where snuffling hippos and a distant lion’s roar will act as your wake-up call and fill you with excitement about an adventurous day ahead.

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"nature's bounty brimming with wildlife, bush, adventure and cultural heritage."