wildflower season

News / 23 July 2020

Wildflower Season

Given our current lockdown predicament, you'd think that we'd be at a loss when struck by that yearning for outside-world adventures.

And while, in some ways, that may be true, FORTUNATELY, we are approaching that time of the year, where despite lockdown, an opportunity for escapism has emerged. One that cannot be confined, nor disturbed, by regulations. An occasion that allows us, to once again, relish in the radiating beauty of the outside world.


Be it lockdown or not, wildflower season is upon us, an event that lures in wanderers time and time again. With an array of vivacious intensity, these enchanting colours only emerge once a year, carrying with them, an exuberant collection of fiery birds, antelope, insects and reptilian friends that seemingly arise overnight.

During these months of August through October, the previously dry, hot landscapes of the Cape West Coast recreate themselves, set ablaze with a passionate display of exuberant liveliness. Before running off into the horizon and vanishing.

Here at Dream, we savour these blue-moon opportunities, especially in times of like these. Where we may once again, indulge in escapism, and cultivate a refreshed perspective beyond the floral fields.

In light of this natural phenomenon, the team at Piekenierskloof have rounded up their favourite wildflower hotspots. So that you too, can escape the house, sit back, unwind and experience a forgotten world, untouched by limits.

Be you an avid bird watcher, wildlife enthusiast, a lover of enchanting flora, family man/woman or a photographer with a fierce passion; this is 2020's blue-moon opportunity.


  • Clanwilliam makes for an extraordinary wildflower occurrence. The town's garden in the Ramskop Nature Reserve features over 350 species and showers you in panoramic views of the Clanwilliam Dam, engulfing you in the beauty of the Cederberg Mountains.
  • For a glance at the vibrant citrus orchards, we'd recommend the Citrusdal area, at Piekenierskloof.
  • The West Coast National Park shows you a world of emerging wildlife as our furry, and not so furry friends, bask in the sun and graze in this utopia. Yzerfontein, Hopefield, and Darling are other hotspots for wildflower sightings and local flower shows.


Whether you're travelling solo, with friends, or pursuing adventure with the family, opt for a sunny day, preferably between the times of 11h00 and 15h00 when the sun is at its peak.


  • Keep an eye out for the Carpobrotus; this seemingly violet daisy is a sight to see.
  • The vibrant Bokbaai vygies (Dorotheanthus) are silky-textured spectacles that pulsate the colours of rainbows.
  • Gazanias are the most recognisable flower of the season. These fiery blooms of passion are favourable on sunny days.

We'd hope to see you indulge in this wondrous opportunity, and although we can't travel now, we are currently taking bookings for future travel. As we eagerly await your company once more!


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