sizzling summer hacks hotel edition

News / 10 November 2016

5 Sizzling Summer Hotel Hacks

So, you’ve packed your bags, you’ve made the journey, booked into your gorgeous accommodation and now it’s time to enjoy your holiday! Follow these simple hotel hacks to make your stay the best it can be:

  • Peace of mind! Keep your belongings safe in your room by leaving the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door when you go out.
  • Hack your room to get a good night’s sleep! First, try booking a room away from the elevators – this helps reduce noise significantly, allowing for a better night’s rest. You could also try keeping your room at a pleasant temperature of 18 degrees – just right! Pesky light slipping through the gap in your curtains? Use a hanger or a clothes peg to pinch the gap shut and keep your room free from unwanted beams!
  • Creased is ceased! Pack a small spray bottle with you and fill it with water upon arrival. Then, it’s a simple case of unpacking your clothes, hanging them and giving them a spritz – in no time, your clothes will look almost as good as new! For the brave among you, steam from the shower can also help reduce creases.
  • Plug in, Charge up! Most TVs these days will have a USB port in the back, making this the perfect way to charge your cellphone when short on adapters and plugs.
  • Feel the rhythm! Liven up your hotel room by placing your phone in a mug or bowl to amplify your music! Perfect for dancing in the shower, or staring wistfully out at the view from the balcony.


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