sizzling summer hacks beach edition

News / 17 November 2016

5 Sizzling Summer Holiday Hacks: Beach Edition

This week we’re hitting the beach! So, grab your sunglasses and lather on that lotion as we take a dive into 5 sizzling hacks guaranteed to make the most of your day in the sun!

  • Give a beach towel pocketsWant somewhere convenient to store your book and sunglasses? Sew some pockets onto your towel (using an old towel or piece of fabric) so you’re not constantly digging around for them in a giant beach bag.
  • Waterproof your gadgets Protect phones, tablets and e-readers from the effects of sand and seawater by securing them in a zip lock bag. You’ll still be able to use the touchscreen, but you won’t risk getting annoying scratches and water damage.
  • Stop being sandy with some baby powder Baby powder doesn’t just smell nice, but it can also take all that sand off your body. Everyone hates the feeling of not being able to get totally sand-free on the hands, arms, legs and feet. Instead of trying to rub it off or wash it off, simply shake some baby powder onto it. In no time flat, you’ll have silky, sand-free skin.
  • Hide your valuables wellWe’ve all done it – put our keys and money in our shoes. However, instead of doing the obvious, hide your stuff somewhere no one will look — such as wrapped up in a baby’s diaper or an emptied-out sunscreen bottle. Your items will be safe and no one will be the wiser.
  • Bring cheap sunglasses to the beachDon’t bring your R10 000 BVLGARI sunglasses to the beach — buy some cheaper versions instead. Cheaper sunglasses should always offer the same amount of UVA and UVB protection, but they’ll be constructed of flimsier materials. If you lose your inexpensive sunglasses, you won’t be as concerned as if you lost your pricier ones!