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News / 18 November 2016

Pale-crowned Cisticola


In fact, the nests of the Pale-crowned Cisticola are typically placed in a thick clump of grass very near ground level. The nest is a vertically-positioned oval built of live grass bound with spider web, lined with soft plant down.


Did You Know?

Like the other short-tailed cisticolas, the pale-crowned is difficult to identify unless you see it displaying or hear it calling, or in this bird’s case, you see a male in its breeding plumage. (The male has a diagnostic buffy crown and black lores in breeding plumage). They mainly eat insects and small spiders, doing most foraging at the base of grass tufts.

  • Egg-laying season is from November-May, peaking from December-January.
  • It lays 2-5 eggs, which are probably incubated for about 11-13 days.
  • The chicks stay in the nest for about 12-14 days.
  • • These birds are not currently threatened and are widespread.