Let’s Go Green Together

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Finfoot Lake Reserve commits itself to environmental leadership in all its business activities and provides a healthy workplace, protecting the environment, natural resources and conserving energy and water. We are committed to diminishing the impact on our environment through

  • Conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling to support the implementation of our zero-waste strategy
  • Be environmentally responsible neighbours in the community where we operate and correct incidents that endanger the health and safety of the environment
  • Enhancing awareness among our employees and motivating them to conduct themselves in an environmentally liable fashion
  • Averting environmental anguish or adverse incidents in all areas by making certain that our working practices comply with all pertinent ratifications
  • Working with suppliers who actively encourage sound environmental implementations and practices


  • To communicate the requirements of this policy to all partners, suppliers and staff
  • To provide a workplace free of recognised hazards and maintain healthy working conditions for all company employees
  • To commit to green purchasing and make this policy publicly available


  • Continue to avert environmental pollution by striving to minimise resource consumption and waste causation.

Energy, Water, Waste and CO2 Initiatives


Energy Saver Status

  • Operating the Laundry room out of peak hours, where possible
  • Geyser Timers installed at 13 rooms, to operate only out of peak times
  • Switching off all rooms that are not occupied
  • Replacing power saving globes with LED globes to save more, as LED lasts longer and uses power
  • Installed Pool Pump Timers to operate out of peak hours and also not during the night
  • Monthly tracking of energy saving and consumption with meters
  • Participating in Earth Hour every year

Water Saver Status

  • Daily tracking of water saving and consumption with meters
  • Using Grey water from laundry for irrigation of the lawns
  • Toilets installed have low flowing option in newly renovated rooms
  • Irrigation of gardens only early morning or late afternoons
  • Industrial dishwasher in kitchen and glass washer in the bar for less water consumption
  • Check for leaking toilets, taps and geysers on a daily basis

Waste Efficiency Status

  • All Waste gets moved off-site to be sorted by the Tsosanang community for recycling and all monies generated is for the community members
  • Kitchen waste gets used to feed our onsite worm farm
  • Worm tea and compost to be used for our vegetable and herb gardens

Carbon Footprint Status

  • No Straw policy, with the option to have use a straw which is in paper form and biodegradable
  • Environmentally friendly retractable ball pens for all conferencing and stationary with recycled cardboard and cornstarch plastic trim
  • Vegetable and Herb gardens onsite, for use in our kitchen and bar
  • Deliveries of stock only in box form from supplies, no plastic bags