Eco Status



The use of energy and water is vital in the supply of our products and services and represents a significant proportion of our operating costs. Rapidly rising energy costs, concerns over security of energy and water supply and climate change mean that the importance of controlling our energy and water use and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels has never been so high. This policy document is consistent with Dream Hotels and Resorts corporate sustainability policy and supports Dream Hotels and Resorts Mission, Vision and core values by helping us to operate our business in a sustainable and responsible manner. Mjejane Bush Camp recognises that we are located in an eco-sensitive area and will, therefore, aim to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum. We plan to do this through the implementation of a Sustainable Environmental Management Program.


  • to communicate the requirements of this policy to all partners, suppliers and staff and to share our goals with them.
  • To provide a workplace free of recognised hazards and maintain healthy working conditions for all company employees.
  • To commit to green purchasing and make this policy publicly available.
  • Commit to reducing our carbon footprint


  • Continue to prevent environmental pollution, keep up to date with new policies and research to minimise consumption and waste while reducing our carbon foot print by saving electricity, water consumption and recycling.

Energy Saver Status


  • Staff awareness programs
  • Signage around the resort to make everybody aware
  • Switching off the electricity in chalets when not in use
  • Running our in-house laundry at the correct times of the day as well as ensuring we are running the machines with full loads and not half empty loads
  • Guest awareness
  • Purchasing only energy efficient equipment
  • Having pathway lights and pool pumps on timers instead of having them on at inappropriate times
  • Using energy efficient globes around the entire resort
  • Participating in Earth Hour every year
  • Tumble dryers have moist sensors that switch the machines off automatically

Water Saver Status


  • Staff awareness programs
  • Signage around the resort
  • Guest awareness
  • Running our in-house laundry with full loads and not half empty loads
  • Installed filters onto outlets to ensure no wastage
  • Monitor our daily usage by means of a water meter and investigate any high usage
  • Installed water saving shower heads in all chalets
  • Irrigate gardens at appropriate times of the day
  • Using dishwashers only when necessary and on the correct settings
  • When washing vehicles, we use a bucket filled with water and not a hose continuously running

Waste Efficiency Status


  • Separation recycle bins in all chalets, separating all glass from tin, plastic, and wet waste
  • Glass water bottles in chalets for coffee machines instead of plastic
  • Back of house recycle centre for sorting and separating of all recyclable materials. These get collected or taken to the appropriate places.
  • No plastic straws in our shop

Carbon Footprint Status


  • No plastic straws in our shop
  • Environmentally friendly retractable pens in all our chalets
  • Firewood sold in our shop is rotationally sourced
  • With every chalet we open for occupancy we try to plant at least 30 trees around the chalet without removing or damaging to many during the building phase
  • Always participate in Arbour day / Spring day by planting numerous trees


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