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Mount Savannah Game Reserve commits itself to environmental leadership in all its business activities and provides a healthy workplace, protecting the environment, natural resources and conserving energy. We are committed to diminishing the impact on our environment through:

  • Conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling to support the implementation of our zero-waste strategy.
  • Be environmentally responsible neighbours in the community where we operate and correct incidents that endanger the health and safety of the environment.
  • Enhancing awareness among our employees and motivating them to conduct themselves in an environmentally liable fashion.
  • Averting environmental anguish or adverse incidents in all areas by making certain that our working practices comply with all pertinent ratifications.
  • Working with suppliers who actively encourage sound environmental implementations and practices.


  • To communicate the requirements of this policy to all partners, suppliers and staff.
  • To provide a workplace free of recognised hazards and maintain healthy working conditions for all company employees.
  • To commit to green purchasing and make this policy publicly available.


  • Continue to avert environmental pollution by striving to minimise resource consumption and waste causation.

Energy, Water, Waste and CO2 Initiatives

Walk your talk – when employees feel nurtured, appreciated, acknowledged and respected, they will give 110% of their time, commitment, and effort in return. Below follows a detailed status update on our environmental practices

Energy Saver Status


Energy saving through green practices:
  • Replacing light bulbs with energy efficient ones.
  • Unplug equipment that drains energy when not in use.

Water Saver Status


Water conserving through green practices:
  • Low-flow showerheads – 6l/m
  • Use low-water-volume toilets.
  • Continue using water sparingly.
  • Wash a full load of linen and dry outside.
  • Reduce water consumption by reusing greywater for garden irrigation purposes and adopt the drip irrigation system.
  • Regularly check for water leaks.

Waste Efficiency Status


Minimise waste and increase recycling through green practices:
  • We are continuing with our plan of “zero waste to landfill” by sorting all our recyclable materials on-site in the greenest ways possible to help protect the environment and the health of the population.
  • We placed 2 bins in the kitchen for moist and dry waste.

Carbon Footprint Status


Vegetable garden:
  • Transporting food requires fuels and many fertilizers are also fossils fuel based so our plan is to continue to source locally-grown produce to limit our footprint.
  • We have experienced some struggles due to bush rabbits eating the plants, but we continue to cultivate our vegetable garden.


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