what is your travel identity?

News / 26 July 2016

What kind of traveller are you?

South Africans love to travel with majority of us enjoying a variety of activities... Where do you fit in?


Sometimes a vacation doesn't mean relaxation... From cliffs to dirt roads, The Thrill Seeker's vice is "release". Always strapping themselves in for the next adventure/activity. The Peaceful Breaker's style includes: relaxing at the pool; lounging with a good book or ordering refreshments from a waiter.


Finding the hidden gem is most important to the Authentist. Immersing themselves within their destination is characteristic. They'll be dodging an open air bus instead of boarding one. The Tourist's checklist will include all the famous landmarks in their immediate vicinity, prepare to see them "supporting" the leaning tower of Pisa.


The All Inclusive Shopper makes sure that their entire holiday is sorted with one transaction, the "I'll pay. You make it happen" approach is a mainstay of their arsenal. Travel agents love them too! The Planner however, likes to get into the detail of their travels. Which may include perusing the menu of the closest corner café, before they arrived at their destination.


The Family or Group have many things to consider when deciding on where or how to travel: from child friendly activities or group friendly getaways, to road tripping or opting to travel by air. Group/Family travel encourages social interaction. The solo traveler's level of social interaction is not unlike that of the family or group, they will however find themselves connecting with new people more often.


Whether any of these characteristics define your travel style or you blur the lines. Going on a holiday and experiencing South Africa (or the world) will make for priceless memories. Diarise your next Holiday today!