even members forget things but we have you covered

News / 10 August 2016

Don’t fret when you forget

Sometimes we forget, but don't despair. We have a 3 part fix! The daily hustle often results in the odd item being left behind... but not anymore!

1. The suitcase
Lets start at the beginning. A good suitcase is essential, especially if you plan to become a regular traveller. Invest in a sturdy case, it might be a pricey endeavor but good luggage is a sure investment. Shop around if you're budget conscious but definitely stick to a sturdy shell.

2. The plan
Planning a trip is always exciting but we often leave the packing part to the last minute. Make the "pack" part of your itinerary, you'll find yourself well prepared for any last minute hurdle. Think realistically and don't over-pack. It's better to have space in your luggage for a trinket or two.

3. Carry-on
Pack light - short stays (2-5 days) are often characterised by recycling one or two key items in your wardrobe - with this in mind, consider carry-on luggage only. Most airlines allow for 7kg carry-on luggage - no more carousel woes. Though this is ideal for hotter climates and times of year.

When planning for a winter holiday you may want to think differently: if you're checking luggage, use your 7kg carry-on wisely as lost luggage is a reality - pack essentials and a change of clothes.