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News / 20 September 2017

African Safari in Springtime

The secret to sanity is going on safari!

It’s springtime in Southern Africa and, with it, the usual feelings of overwhelmed hysteria as our nation’s city slickers realise the end is nigh for the year that is 2017.

With three months to go before the final bells toll for what can only be described as another “eventful” 12  months in the Republic you may be seriously considering a quick getaway – somewhere far enough into the great expanses our nation has to offer that any excuse about poor cellular reception is bound to be willing accepted.

Seeing that we are in September and that temperatures in the Kruger National Park are still considered “mild” – now may the very best opportunity you have to take a break from big city life and embrace the thrills offered by the African bushveld.

Everything the light touches

Make no mistake, currently it is bone dry in the bushveld and, specifically, the Kruger National Park where conditions make for rewarding game viewing, especially around water sources. An added bonus, of course, is that this time of the year malaria-carrying mosquitoes are still dormant.

Imagine sipping on a refreshing cocktail whilst watching animals flock towards a nearby dam, lions, hyenas and other predators in tow.

Would it not be rewarding to share these special moments with your family and friends?

In fact let’s ask these questions; When last did you visit the bushveld, allowing its sunny skies and cool, fire lit evenings, to reinvigorate your imagination?

When last have you listened to sounds of lions roaring approval at the bright moon above, sharing stories with friends and family while getting lost in moments of flickering glow?

It’s time to say hello

Only a few hours’ drive from the City of Gold, South Africa’s most famous wildlife reservation offers travelers from all walks and budgets an opportunity to get up close and personal with the big five.

Offering nearly 2 million hectares of pristine bushveld, historical and archeological sites, authentic community experiences and a whole lot more, September is the perfect time to pack your bags and head to our world-famous park.

This being Tourism and National Heritage month in South Africa it certainly is an opportunity to reconnect with the sights and sounds of South Africa.

Escape, explore and exhale

Dream Hotels and Resorts invite you to escape and recharge, rediscover your smile and reward yourself for a year well-fought.

There’s one big push to go – doing it with the fresh memory of elephant, leopard and giraffe grazing by a waterhole while sipping on something cool and refreshing is, surely, a pathway to remaining in a balanced frame of mind as 2017 builds towards the usual summer hysteria?

Go head, you deserve it.

You can learn more about Mjejane Bush Camp by clicking here.


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