birding day 2016

News / 13 October 2016

BIG BIRDING DAY at Nibela Lake lodge

26 November is Big Birding day and is a must for both experienced and budding birding enthusiasts alike. See how you can maximize your experience at Nibela Lake Lodge. In 3 easy steps:

Nibela Lake Lodge is home to a unique variety birds, and we’re offering birders the opportunity to compete on Big Birding day 2016.

  1. Secure your team spot at Nibela Lake Lodge on 26 November 2016
  2. Download the birdlasser app at
  3. Arrive prepared and start spotting!

The team who spots and lists the most of the below birds via the birdlasser app will be claimed winners:
  1. African Broadbill
  2. Green Coucal
  3. Lemon breasted canary
  4. Pink Throated twin spot
  5. Narina trogon
  6. Rosy throated long claw
  7. Green twin spot
  8. Woodward Batis
  9. Neergaard's sunbird
  10. African emerald cuckoo
  11. Pale crown cisticola

Stay tuned as we will be posting descriptions and characteristics of each species in the weeks leading up to Big Birding Day 2016.