experience our heritage

News / 29 September 2016

Experience our heritage

As Heritage month draws to a close we would like to share bucket list items that we proud to call unique South African experiences.

The Sardine Run
Each year in June or July along the KwaZulu-Natal coast the word gets out and, within hours, crowds of people converge on the area to join sharks, gamefish, marine mammals and birds to witness the feeding frenzy.

It is a time of plenty for all as large shoals of sardines move in a band up the coast. Fresh, frozen, canned, pickled or bait - whatever way you consider them, sardines (also known as pilchards) will have featured somewhere in the lives of many South Africans. Like their close relatives, the anchovies and herrings, sardines live out their lives in huge shoals in the surface layers of the ocean. The Blue Marlin Hotel, serves as an adequate base for visitors to experience this unique occurrence

Flowers in the Cederberg
The spring flowers of the Cape West Coast, Cederberg and Namaqualand in the Northern Cape have a worldwide reputation. This area of South Africa receives little rain throughout the year but after the winter rains from May to July/August, the normally dry landscape becomes a carpet of wild flowers with vibrant bands of gousblomme and vygies, as well as nemesias, lachenalias, babiana and ixias…

The wide variety of wild flowers is largely due to the varied topography – fertile valleys contrast with high mountains, the semi-desert plains of the north contrast with the unique sandveld region near the coast with its wetter vlei areas. Piekenierskloof Mountain Resort is the "Gateway to the Cederberg" make a stop as you enter into the floral kingdom of the Western cape. See the flowers and find out more.

Isimagaliso Wetlands
If you’ve ever been to the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, you’ll know right away why this natural wonder is officially a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Formerly known as the St Lucia Wetland Park, this glowing testament to nature’s glory is comprised of eight interdependent ecosystems bursting with life, this is also where our amazing Nibela Lake Lodge is situated.