Team building has become a major tool in the motivation of employees, building “gees” (spirit) in sales, production or admin staff. Olifants River Lodge makes use of an energetic, professional team building company, who facilitate our team building activities. Our property has large grounds, mountains and a river to host something suited for your company, even if you would just like to play a few games in a large group. Our team building programmes are designed to compliment any conference, function or excursion. These programmes range from recreational activities to adventure sports and team development:


  • - Programmes to compliment a conference or function with fun activities
  • - Activities are structured to match the theme of the day
  • - Tailor made activities
  • - Outcome: Create positive team spirit


  • - Programmes to get team out of their comfort zone
  • - Team members get to know one another better on another level
  • - Fun challenging activities
  • - Outcome: replacing everyday stress with a fun filled, adventurous time away from work


  • - Programmes with specific outcomes
  • - Providing a safe environment to open communication within the team
  • - Making use of experiential learning activities
  • - Outcome: Gaining Methods to resolve issues within the working environment

Below you can browse our varied offering of team building activities:



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