Dream Hotel School / 18 January 2018

Looking for an Assistant Chef? Look no further.

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The assistant chefs were selected and received a government grant to study their chosen career.

They partook in a three months skills program where they were trained in preparing food. They were practically trained and they worked in the main kitchen of Avalon Springs Hotel.

They attended the course at Dream Hotel School under the training Executive Chef Evert Fourie who specialised in training chefs.

The aspects which they studied were:

  • Describe layout  services  and facilities of the organisation
  • Maintain a secure working environment
  • Maintain a safe working environment
  • Maintain a health , hygiene and professional appearance
  • Maintain hygiene in food  preparations, cooking  and storage
  • Maintain effective working relationship with other members of staff
  • Handle and store food
  • Handle and maintain knives
  • Prepare and cook  basic meat , poultry, game and offal dishes
  • Prepare and cook basic fish dishes
  • Prepare basic sauces and soups
  • Prepare and cook basic fruit dishes
  • Prepare and cook basic rice dishes
  • Prepare and cook basic vegetable protein dishes
  • Prepare and present  food for cold presentation
  • Provide carvery/buffet service
  • Prepare and cook basic cold  and hot deserts
  • Prepare and cook basic dough  products
  • Prepare and cook pastry dishes
  • Prepare and decorate basic cakes and biscuits


The approach of the presentation of the course was approximately 30 % theory and 70 % practical.

The expectation of the potential employer should be that the Assistant Chef is an Assistant to a Chef. They are at the beginning of a career but they have a passion to work with food and develop in the industry.

If you need more information on the course you can contact Dream Hotel School 023 614 2440 or email campusman@dreamhotelschool.co.za

chefs training under the head chef

Assistant Chefs listening attentively. Afterwards they had to debone the chicken themselves.


Contact Details

Below you will find contact details of the students. You can contact them individually for job opportunities.

All of them are based in Montagu in the Western Cape. Some of them are willing to relocate to other areas in the Western Cape.

Their skills development ends January 2018 and they are available for placement


The Assistant Chefs


Stefnie Fluks

Stefnie Fluks
061 827 9274

Elwida Jacobus

Elwida Jacobus
071 931 9536

Claudia Wiese

Claudia Wiese
084 073 0800

Cleo du Toit

Cleo du Toit
076 145 6581

Annamarie Abrahams

Annamarie Abrahams
074 648 7420

Alfredo le Kay

Alfredo le Kay
063 223 5730

Zydia Wiese

Zydia Wiese
062 668 0440

Carmen Hoffman

Carmen Hoffman
071 101 1605

Leandra Abrahams

Leandra Abrahams
061 779 4808