Dream Hotel School / 15 March 2017

Why study at Dream Hotel School?

why study at dream hotel school

Why study at Dream Hotel School?

  • We emphasise practical skills over theory classes

  • Skills are combined with theory and attitude to build character in the workplace

  • As our students adhere to workplace discipline, their studies progress at a steady pace

  • Our student groups are smaller than at other learning institutions, meaning they receive individual attention

  • The workplace is used as their frame of reference, as they follow the rules and methods of a real work environment

  • Constant interaction and dealings with real customers means real-life, real-time exposure

  • Our computerised system and workplace training programme allow us to enrol students at any time during the year

  • Our main facilitation method is a coaching process

  • As Dream Hotel School forms part of the Dream Hotel & Resorts group, our students can aspire to becoming a staff member or manager in this innovative and growing hospitality group

  • Our international qualifications are recognised in South Africa, overseas and on cruise ships

  • Our practical approach ensures workplace readiness when our students apply for a job