Bring your loved one, or the whole crew - Avalon Springs Resort offers facilities to suit a range of travellers heading through the town of Montagu.


  • 9 Natural hot spring pools (incl. children's pools)
  • Indoor pool
  • Waterslides & water sprayers
  • Kids entertainment areas
  • Spa facilities
  • Communal braai areas
  • Café
  • Cogman's Restaurant
  • John Montagu Bar & Lounge
  • Dassie's Poolside Bistro


Although the spring water reaches the surface at 43°C, it fills our pools at different temperatures due to the distance it needs to travel. This means that, whilst we do not have control of the water temperatures, depending where you choose to relax, there will be a pool to suit your needs. Since the water undergoes its own filtration process forcing its way up through layers of rock strata, very little is done on our side to change it. The water at Avalon Springs is 100% clear and clean with a near-perfect Ph. For hygiene reasons, the water is not recycled and is continuously drained. It is also moderately chlorinated in the evenings.

Dassie's Poolside Bistro

Established in 2023, our dedicated pool bar, Dassie's Poolside Bistro, is just the place to kick back with something crisp while the kids make a splash. Settle in for an afternoon sundowner, and you'll soon delight in the arrival of our local dassies venturing out onto the lawns to eat. This is just the spot to top up on fresh juice after a session in the hot springs – and perhaps even a quick bite from the menu.

Cogman's Restaurant

Our family-friendly Cogman's Restaurant offers a variety of freshly prepared meals at reasonable prices. It is Halaal-friendly in that we source our meat from a Halaal certified butcher, and any pork-based products are prepared and served from a separate kitchen. No alcohol is used in the preparation of our dishes. However, alcoholic beverages are served in the restaurant. All our wines at Cogman's have been carefully sourced from farms in the vicinity of Montagu within a 50km radius, including Ashton, Bonnievale, Mac Gregor, Montagu, and Robertson.


Want to escape the crowds? The John Montague Bar & Lounge provides an ideal respite for those looking to unwind. It's the perfect corner to curl up, savour an afternoon cuppa or a pre-dinner drink, and catch up with loved ones. It's also a great area for catching up on some light reading or playing board games in front of the fire.

Wellness Spa

Combine your hot springs experience with a wellness treatment at our private spa. We offer a range of therapeutic massages and beauty treatments for guests and visitors. Trading hours are from 08:00 – 17:00 daily. It's essential to book in advance. Call: +27 (0) 23 6141150 ext 421 or email: healthspa@avalonsprings.co.za

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Hot Springs

Flowing naturally from fissures in the rock face into a cavern some 5 meters underground, these waters have healing powers yet to be fully understood. Although the water comes to the surface at 43°C, it reaches the various pools at different temperatures due to the distance the water needs to travel. The rate of flow is unaffected, even by the worst droughts that the area has experienced. It originates from very deep down, with an estimated source depth of about 3km.

The water is 100% clear and clean with a near-perfect Ph when it reaches the surface and contains several minerals and other organic trace elements. It further undergoes a natural filtration process as it forces its way through layers of rock strata.

This 'natural perfection' allows Avalon Springs to pump the water directly into the various available pools and spa baths without treating or in any way changing it. As such, visitors can enjoy these waters in their most natural form. For hygiene reasons, the water is chlorinated in the evening but is not recycled and is continuously drained off.


Judging by some early engravings, including an inscription by A.J. De Wit dated 1812, modern man has known about the springs since the late 1700s.

These markings further tell us that a trekboer (pioneer farmer) had injured his hand whilst repairing the wheel on one of his ox-wagons. While bathing his hand in a stream nearby, he discovered the water was warm and decided to trace the stream to its origins.

The farmer's hand, after repeated bathing in the water, is said to have healed in no time at all, and the news of this 'miracle spring' quickly spread throughout the Cape Colony. Soon enough, visitors started arriving from all over the country (and the world) to experience this natural wonder.

Based on the fact that there are various Khoi (Bushman) drawings on rocks and in caves in the greater Montagu area, one can safely assume that the springs were most certainly known to these early people for hundreds, possibly thousands of years before the discovery, as mentioned above. As such, the real date remains lost in the mists of time.

Over the years, the land surrounding the springs has changed hands many times, with various owners putting it to different uses. Since 1982, these springs have formed part of the Avalon Springs Resort. and whilst the facilities have much improved during this time, the springs are as natural and perfect as they have always been.


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